Hand 102: Gediminas Uselis Wins the 2021-2022 Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Main Event for $778,490

Dec 1, 2021

Champion Gediminas Uselis

Hand 102 – Jacob Ferro opens to one million and Gediminas Uselis three-bets to 3.3 million. Ferro moves all-in for 17.5 million and Uselis snap calls.

Ferro: Diamond JHeart J
Uselis: Club QSpade Q

The flop falls Heart KDiamond QSpade J, and Ferron sees a jack in the window, but it is immediately followed by a queen as both players flop sets.

The turn Diamond 6 means Ferro is drawing to just the jack of clubs, and when the river Spade 2 completes the board, Ferro can’t find the last jack in the deck, and he is eliminated in 2nd place for $573,605.

Gediminas Uselis hugs Jacob Ferro

A full recap of the day will be available shortly

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