Hand 104: Anton Wigg Doubles

Jan 26, 2022

Double Up Anton Wigg

Hand 104 Anton Wigg raises the button to 1,000,000 and Alexander Yen three-bets to 4,000,000. Wigg calls.

The flop falls Spade 10Heart 8Diamond 6 Yen moves all-in. Wigg calls for his last 13,700,000.

Yen: Club KHeart Q
Wigg: Diamond AClub 10

Wigg flops a pair of tens but needs to fade a king or a queen to double. The turn Heart J hits the felt, giving Yen an open-ended straight draw to go with his overs, prompting Wigg to remark, “We all knew it was gonna come.”

The river Spade 5 hits the felt, and Yen misses everything as Wigg secures the double.

Yen: 43,500,000 (109 bbs)
Wigg: 35,800,000 (90 bbs)

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