Hand 66-67: Selahaddin Bedir Eliminated in 4th Place ($282,380)

Dec 1, 2021

Elimination Selahaddin Bedir

Hand 66 – Action folds to Harout Ghazarian in the big blind, and he completes. Gediminas Uselis is in the big blind and checks. The flop falls Spade 10Club 7Club 5 and action checks through. The dealer burns and turns the Spade J Ghazarian checks, Uselis bets 600,000, and Ghazarian check-raises to 2.2 million. Uselis folds.

Hand 67 – Selahaddin Bedir moves all-in for approximately six million from under the gun, and action folds to Jacob Ferro in the big blind, and he snap calls.

Ferro: Diamond AClub K
Bedir: Diamond 7Diamond 6

The board runs out Spade QClub 2Diamond JHeart 5Spade 4, and Ferro’s ace-king high holds to eliminate Bedir in 4th place for $282,380.

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