Hand 80-84: Harout Ghazarian Eliminated in 3rd Place ($380,000)

Dec 1, 2021

Elimination Harout Ghazarian

Hand 80 – Action folds to Jacob Ferron in the small blind, and he limps. Harout Ghazarian raises to 1.3 million, and Ferro folds.

Hand 81 – Gediminas Uselis gets a walk.

Hand 82 – Ferro gets a walk.

Hand 83 – Uselis raises to 800,000 on the button and Ferro three-bets to 2.1 million in the small blind. Ghazarian folds, as does Uselis, and Ferro takes down the pot.

Hand 84 – Ghazarian limps the small blind, and Uselis raises to 1.3 million in the big blind. Ghazarian moves all-in for 12.2 million total, and Uselis snap calls.

Ghazarian: Club 2Spade 2
Uselis: Spade KClub K

The board runs out Spade JSpade 7Diamond 7Diamond 9Diamond J, and Uselis kings hold to eliminate Ghazarian in 3rd place for $380,000.

Ferro: 31,900,000
Uselis: 30,700,000
Ghazaraian: Eliminated in 3rd place for $380,000

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