Hand 96: Daniel Lazrus Eliminated in 3rd Place ($482,380)

Jan 26, 2022

Elimination Daniel Lazrus

Hand 96: Daniel Lazrus open jams from the small blind for 6.2 million and Alexander Yen calls in the big blind.

Lazrus: Club 6Spade 6
Yen: Diamond KClub J

The flop falls Diamond JHeart 7Heart 5 and Yen flops a pair of jacks to take the lead. Lazrus needs one of the two remaining sixes in the deck to stay alive but when the board runs out Spade 5 on the turn and Club 9 on the river Lazrus is eliminated in 3rd place for $482,380.

Alexander Yen – 57,700,000
Anton Wigg – 22,600,000
Daniel Lazrus – Eliminated in 3rd Place – $482,380

Elimination Daniel Lazrus

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