Hand 1: Anshul Rai Eliminated in 6th Place ($170,835)

Dec 1, 2021

Elimination Anshul Rai

Hand 1: Anshul Rai moves all-in for 875,000 from under the gun and action folds to Harout Ghazarian in the small blind, and he raises to 1.5 million, and Gediminides Uselis folds the big blind.

Ghazarian: Club ADiamond Q
Rai: Heart AClub K

The flop falls Spade AClub QSpade 2, and Ghazarian flops top two pair to send Rai with one foot out the door. The dealer burns and turns the Club 3, and when the river Diamond 2 completes the board, Anshul Rai is eliminated in 6th place for $170,835.

Elimination Anshul Rai

Harout Ghazarian: 18,575,000 (124 bbs)
Anshul Rai: Eliminated in 6th Place for $170,835

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