Hands 34-37: Nicholas Verderamo Doubles Through Josh Kay

Jan 26, 2022

Double Up Nicholas Verderamo

Hand #34: Josh Kay raises the button to 550,000 and takes it down.

Hand #35: Alexander Yen completes the small blind, and Anton Wigg checks his option in the big.

The flop falls Spade 9Heart 4Heart 3 and action checks through. The dealer burns and turns the Heart 8, and Yen bet 250,000. Wigg folds.

Hand #36: Kay opens the hi-jack to 550,000 and action folds to Yen on the button who three-bets to 1.6 million. Verderamo is in the big blind and uses a time extension before his cards hit the muck. Kay follows suit, and Yen takes it down.

Hand #37: With the queen of spades exposed, action folds to Verderamo in the small blind, and he moves all-in for 1.8 million. Josh Kay is in the big blind and calls.

Verderamo: Club AClub 6
Kay: Heart 3Diamond 3

The board runs out Diamond ASpade 10Club 7Heart KClub 9, and Verderamo flops a pair of aces to double.

Verderamo: 3,850,000
Kay: 16,650,000

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