Hands 38-40: Anton Wigg Doubles Through Josh Kay

Jan 26, 2022

Double Up Anton Wigg

Hand #38: Daniel Lazrus gets a walk in the big blind.

Hand #39: Josh Kay opens the button to 550,000 and takes it down.

Hand #40: Josh Kay opens the cutoff to 550,000 and action folds to Anton Wigg in the big blind. Wigg three-bets to 2.25 million, Kay moves all-in, and Wigg calls for 10.925 total.

Wigg: Spade ASpade K
Kay: Heart QSpade Q

The flop falls Diamond 9Club 5Club 2 to keep Kay’s queens in the lead, but when the dealer burns and turns the Diamond K Wigg jumps out in front with a pair of kings.

The river Diamond 10 completes the board, and Wigg finds the double.

Wigg: 22,225,000
Kay: 6,350,000

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