Hands 7-10: Clayton Maguire Shoves the River on Jacob Ferro

Dec 1, 2021

>Clayton Maguire

Hand 7: Selahaddin Bedir opens to 400,000 from middle position, and action folds to Jacob Ferrio in the big blind, and he calls.

The flop falls Heart AClub KHeart 8 Ferro checks, Bedir bets 700,000, and Ferro folds.

Hand 8: Action folds to Gediminas Uselis on the button, and he opens to 400,000. Clayton Maguire (pictured) is in the big blind and calls.

The dealer spreads the Spade 9Club 9Club 2 and Maguire checks. Uselis bets 200,000, and Maguire folds

Hand 9: Action folds to Maguire in the small blind, and he completes. Bedir is in the big blind and checks his option. The flop falls Heart 3Club 3Diamond Q and action checks through.

The dealer burns and turns the Club 8, and Maguire bets 325,000. Bedir calls.

The river Diamond A completes the board and action checks through. Bedir tables Heart 10Club 8 for a pair of eights and Maguire mucks.

Hand 10: Action folds to Ferro in the cutoff, and Maguire calls next to act on the button. Bedir folds the small blind, and Harout Ghazarian calls in the big blind.

The dealer spreads the Heart 6Club 3Diamond Q and Ghazarian checks. Ferro continues for 700,000, and Maguire uses a time extension before announcing a raise to 1.9 million. Ghazarian folds, and Ferro uses a time extension before he calls.

The turn Heart 3 hits the felt, and action checks through. The river Spade 10 completes the board, and Ferro bets 1.9 million. Maguire uses two time extensions and moves all-in for 6,350,000 total. Ferro goes into the tank and uses a time extension of his own before tossing his cards into the muck.

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