S19 WPT World Online Championships: Online Schemion Takes Down Super High Roller; Colpoys Wins 6-Max Championship

Sep 7, 2021


by Christian Zetzsche

It was a busy last few days on the online poker tables of the global partypoker platform as the S19 World Poker Tour World Online Championships (WOC) crowned winners in the Super High Roller Championship, the three editions of the 6-Max Championship and the bargain Super50 and Super 5 Events. Furthermore, the WPT500 Knockout final table has been reached and it is certainly a stacked line-up for the live-streamed showdown.

Ole Schemion Crowned Winner of the Super High Roller

Sunday is typically the busiest day in the world of online poker and this past weekend was no different. The high-stakes aficionados battled in various competitions and one of them was Event #12 Super High Roller. With a price tag of $25,500, it attracted some of the biggest names in poker and a very familiar name ended up as the winner. The tournament gathered 48 entries and the $1.2 million prize pool was split among the top nine finishers.

German superstar Ole Schemion came out on top of a stacked final table and overcame Jason Koon in heads-up. Prior to that, Justin Bonomo, Vyycheslav Buldygin, and Artur Martirosian were all sent to the rail in the money. Schemion has many accolades to his name and earned more than $16 million in cashes on the live poker scene. This included a victory in the S16 WPT European Championship €3,300 Main Event in Berlin, for which he joined the elusive WPT Champions Club.

Schemion earned the top prize of $388,708.80 while Koon and Bonomo had to settle for $238,734 and $155,695.20 respectively. Canadian High Roller regular Sam Greenwood ended up as the bubble boy while the two Finnish high stakes players Eelis Pärssinen and Sami Kelopuro were the first two to cash.

Final Result Event #12 Super High Roller Championship:

Place Winner Country Prize (in USD)
1 Ole Schemion Germany $388,708.80
2 Jason Koon United States $238,734.00
3 Justin Bonomo United States $155,695.20
4 Adria Diaz Dalmau Spain $107,949.60
5 Vyacheslav Buldygin Russia $79,923.60
6 Artur Martirosian Russia $66,960.00
7 Pablo Brito Silva Brazil $57,628.80
8 Sami Kelopuro Finland $52,200.00
9 Eelis Pärssinen Finland $52,200.00

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Daniel Colpoys Wins 6-Max Championship

The next Championship Event as part of the schedule featured a price tag of $2,100 and $1 million guarantee, which was missed by just one entry. Only 75 players were left for the final day and they all earned a cash prize of at least $2,186.56. En route to the final table, notables such as Ognyan Dimov, Kevin Rabichow, Dario Sammartino, Elio Fox, Ivan Zufic, partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard, and Pablo Brito Silva hit the rail.

Sam Greenweed made the unofficial final table and fell in seventh place. Jon Van Fleet was in the mix and fell in fourth for more than $36k while Artur Martirosian narrowly missed out on another WPT Online victory on partypoker. He earned $30,828 in bounties and $69,862 in cash whereas Daniel Colpoys had a higher bounty portion than cash for a score of more than $177k.

Final Six in Event #11 6-Max Championship:

Place Winner Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Daniel Colpoys United States $97,359.38 $69,962.80
2 Artur Martirosian Russia $30,828.13 $69,862.29
3 Andrii Derzhypilskyi Ukraine $7,500.00 $47,504.42
4 Jon Van Fleet Canada $5,406.25 $31,433.48
5 Csaba Szasz Hungary $19,656.24 $21,660.02
6 Pedro Garagnani Brazil $15,843.75 $16,877.44


Mini (300k gtd) and Micro ($100k gtd) 6-Max Championship

Poker enthusiasts from all over the world entered the Mini 6-Max Championship and a field of 1,632 entries generated a prize pool worth $326,400. Only 241 hopefuls survived their respective starting days to ensure a cash prize of at least $217.12. Some big names in the top 50 were Anton Wigg, Luis Faria, Robin Ylitalo, Maxim Mamonov, Daniel Rezaei, Diego Falcone, and Bruno Volkmann.

Fernando Valderve earned more than $4.7k for his seventh place finish and that left an international final six to battle for the title. Ultimately, it was Netherlands-based Portuguese poker pro Silvio Costa who earned the far biggest bounty prize after defeating Valery Yantsevich in heads-up. He took home more than $16.6k in bounties and another $20.3k in cash.

Final Six in Event #11 Mini 6-Max Championship:

Place Winner Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Silvio Costa Portugal $16,638.97 $20,330.49
2 Valery Yantsevich Belarus $3,433.99 $20,297.17
3 Christos Argyriadis Netherlands $2,028.13 $12,834.65
4 Igor Alejandro Perez Peredo Bolivia $3,877.34 $8,607.79
5 Ivan Stokes Wales $6,202.54 $5,909.90
6 Mikhail Mikheev Russia $846.87 $4,225.76

In the bargain $22 Micro edition, the lofty goal of $100k guaranteed was not quite reached and players enjoyed an overlay of almost 18%. There were four Brazilians in the top 20 but the best of them had to settle for sixth place in Gabriel Uerlings Zanquetta. He was also the first to lock up a four-figure cash prize and Germany’s Suleiman Shamo defeated Vitalii Kuznietsov in heads-up.

Final Six in Event #11 Micro 6-Max Championship:

Place Winner Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Suleiman Shamo Germany $986.12 $6,686.93
2 Vitalii Kuznietsov Ukraine $333.63 $6,672.04
3 Johan Creutz Sweden $159.67 $4,170.47
4 Vladimir Krupenin Russia $471.99 $2,781.35
5 Rodolfo Romeira Malta $125.96 $1,894.40
6 Gabriel Uerlings Zanquetta Brazil $139.90 $1,340.58


Event #08 WPT500 Knockout Final Table Set

The second edition of the popular mid-stakes WPT500 is down to the wire as Event #08 WPT500 Knockout will determine a winner today. Out of a field of 2,126 entries, only 317 players had reached Day 2 and battled for their share of the $1,063,000 in prize money. Those were split evenly in cash and bounty pools and the biggest slice will be up for grabs on the nine-handed final table.

It is filled with plenty of big names on the international poker circuit and Arseniy Malinov leads the pack with 74 big blinds and more than $11k in bounties. Recent WSOP bracelet winner Alexandros Theologis will aim to add another title to his resume for the current year and enters as the second-biggest stack. Besides Malinov, another two Russian players made the cut including Viacheslav Zaslavskii and Ilia Plaxin. Alexandru Baron has a WSOP bracelet to his name, as does the 2019 WSOP Europe Main Event champion Alexandros Kolonias, to showcase what a stacked final table it is.

They return at 8.05 pm BST with blinds of 1.5M / 3M which gives the shortest stack Daniel Colpoys 11 blinds. All finalists have $6,243.40 in cash locked up on top of their accumulated bounty prizes, which will certainly play a big role in the showdown. The top two finishers will earn more than $64k in cash and the final table action will be live-streamed on the partypoker LIVE YouTube and Twitch channels.

Final Table Event #08 WPT500 Knockout:

Position Player Country Bounty Chip Count Big Blinds
1 Arseniy Malinov Russia $11,051.74 220,818,235 74
2 Alexandros Theologis Greece $4,574.70 200,291,449 67
3 Viacheslav Zaslavskii Russia $5,195.32 137,411,169 46
4 Alexandru Baron United States $10,243.91 130,925,121 44
5 Patrick Brooks United Kingdom $2,023.44 118,453,080 39
6 Ilia Plaxin Russia $2,820.31 82,249,185 27
7 Yulian Bogdanov Bulgaria $10,126.96 73,362,068 24
8 Alexandros Kolonias Greece $6,624.26 64,485,057 21
9 Daniel Colpoys United States $7,949.22 32,413,647 11


Event #09 Super50 ($250k gtd) and Event #10 Super5 ($50k gtd)

While the WPT500 Knockout determined the nine-handed final table on Monday, September 6, the Super50 and Super5 editions already went all the way. Both tournaments surpassed their initial guarantee and paid out more than $470k in combined prize pools.

Event #09 Super50 drew a field of 8,489 entries and that created a prize pool worth $424,450. The top 15% of each flight advanced and 1,244 players earned a cash prize worth at least $54.94. Notables in the top 50 included Anton Siden, Andre Marques, Teemo Autio and Andreas Wiborg, who all came up shy of the final nine.

Three British players finished in the top five and Charlie Combes claimed more than $32k for his efforts after defeating Joshua McCully in heads-up. The Aussie walked away with $3,230.58 in bounties and $22,287.11 in cash, which isn’t too shabby either for an investment of just $55.

Top Five Finishers Event #09 Super50:

Place Player Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Charlie Combes United Kingdom $10,129.13 $22,361.90
2 Joshua McCully Australia $3,230.58 $22,287.11
3 Dan Moran United Kingdom $2,589.15 $13,913.08
4 Robin Sjögren Knutas Sweden $4,954.02 $9,242.73
5 Vinnie Mohan United Kingdom $312.49 $6,220.38


In Event #10 Super5, there were a total of 11,516 entries who paid $5.50 to enter the competition. Only the top 1,640 advanced and fought for a nice boost to their bankroll. The top four all earned four-digit cash prizes and eventual winner Marlon Schurr from Brazil collected nearly $4.6k in this bargain event.

Top Five Finishers Event #10 Super5:

Place Player Country Bounty Prize (in USD) Cash Prize (in USD)
1 Marlon Schurr Brazil $1,619.32 $2,969.35
2 David Mayer Germany $508.91 $2,953.85
3 Nicholas Colle Brazil $70.75 $1,843.06
4 Tobias Koerper Germany $244.97 $1,223.77
5 Jonathan Titcombe United Kingdom $192.31 $823.


Thomas Boivin wins WPT Grand

The $1,050 WPT Grand saw 290 total entrants for the phase final and they battled for the $300,000 guarantee on September 5, 2021. Pedro Madeira ended as the bubble boy and all remaining 47 players earned at least $2,189.78 for their efforts. Among those to min-cash were poker stars such as Jason Koon, partypoker ambassador Jeff Gross, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Artur Martirosian and Sami Kelopuro.

Recent WPT500 finalist Stoyan Obreshkov, Joakim Andersson, Simon Burns, online poker legend Jon Van Fleet and Event #09 Super50 finalist Dan Moran were all in the money as well, alongside WPT Champion’s Club member Andrey Pateychuk. Robert Heidorn bubbled to the final table, which featured other big names in Viktor Ustimov, Connor Drinan, Pavel Plesuv and Adrian Mateos. Thomas Boivin ended up taking down the tournament for $57,124 and runner-up Vincent Huang collected $39,476 for the efforts.

Top Five Finishers WPT Grand:

Place Winner Country Prize (in USD)
1 Thomas Boivin Belgium $57,124.01
2 Vincent Huang Australia $39,475.74
3 Duco Ten Haven Netherlands $27,322.97
4 Michael Sklenicka Czech Republic $18,222.10
5 Simon Mattsson Sweden $13,142.00




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