Royal Flush Crew

Appearing in every episode, the members of the Royal Flush Crew go beyond the felt at each stop on the World Poker Tour. These lifestyle ambassadors specialize in fitness, nutrition, fashion, and more, so be sure to introduce yourselves to them at your next live WPT tournament or event.

Alexandra Grey Alexandra Grey

Growing up in Cambridge, and spending seven years at boarding school, Alexandra now lives in East London. Her desire to travel and explore the world leaves little time at home for her! Alexandra’s background has been predominantly one of strong academics and studying. Recently, Alexandra completed her BSc in Psychology from University College London.

Seven months into a role working in digital media management, and busy filming in any free time she had, Alexandra had enough of the London rat race. She handed her notice in, and flew to Los Angeles where she finds herself to be the happiest.

Alexandra now presents full-time and works part-time in events, and nightlife for a steadier income. A strong believer in doing what makes you happy and not afraid to go against the status quo, Alexandra is passionate about converting people to start living and following what their heart truly wants in life.

In her free time, Alexandra loves to exercise, not only for physical fitness, but also to keep her head clear and push herself to new limits every day. Health and fitness are a major part of Alexandra’s lifestyle, and would one day love to open up a fitness retreat in an exotic location (to be decided) later on in her life to spread her passion and help others.

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Andrea Johnson Andrea Johnson

Latina from Venezuela, food & fitness lover, and nerd. Family time is my favorite time. I enjoy dancing and playing with makeup. Love to travel and blessed I get to do it.

One of my favorite quotes is: “There’s only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, be nothing, and say nothing.” – Aristotle

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Angela Rockwood Angela Rockwood

Angela Rockwood was born in Clovis, New Mexico, and now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Angela’s life was practically perfect until turmoil struck one week before 9/11 on September 3, 2001. As a result of a car accident, Angela suffered a broken neck and severed spinal cord; as a result she was diagnosed as a c4 quadriplegic. Positive and determined, Angela began the road to recovery. In 2003, she was the third American to undergo a pioneering stem cell surgery in Portugal, which allowed her to later operate a manual wheelchair. Although Angela is unable to move her fingers fully, she can feed herself, paint, train in martial arts and apply her own makeup.

As an Ambassador for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Angela represents the Paralysis Resource Center in outreach to Asian-American communities. She serves as a spokesmodel for Ti-Lite Wheelchairs and has also worked as a model for Target, Nordstrom, and Toyota. Angela has also appeared on Larry King Live and in People Magazine, discussing how to live life to the fullest since her paralysis. She has energized her acting career by landing in three national commercials for AARP, Mabelline, and Sony.

With her ultimate mission of pushing boundaries, Angela created, produced and starred in the Sundance Channel’s ‘Critic’s Choice Awards’ Best Reality series Push Girls. The show follows the lives of five women living with paralysis while cultivating their friendship as they undertake everyday life.

Angela is a vessel that is inspired by her grand purpose, deep within her soul she carries this mantra daily: “Life is a gift and what we do with our life is our gift back to the world, to others, and to ourselves.”

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Ashleigh Lawrence Ashleigh Lawrence

Ashleigh grew up on the Gold Coast on the Eastern Coast of Australia. A graduate of Griffith University with a Bachelor of Commerce, Ashleigh has spent the past 10 years both in Los Angeles and London, acting and modeling.

Ashleigh is a personal trainer, focusing on strength and conditioning training and holds a passion for showing women how strong they can be. She has also competed in powerlifting competitions along with obstacle course races around the world.

Ashleigh’s favorite hobby is traveling; it is her goal to one day travel to all the countries in the world (she has been to over 70 so far). She loves spending time in the mountains hiking, or at the beach swimming, and is a massive foodie! Part of the reason she loves the gym so much is because of her love of food.

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Barney Bowe Barney Bowe

Barney Bowe (aka, ‘Barney Trouble’) was raised in London, England. Barney found his passion of the arts while studying at London University. He has spent time working as an actor in both film and TV. In addition, Barney achieved success as a music producer and DJ.

It was the DJing that led him to his current base of Goa, India. Barney is a regular performer at the numerous clubs and parties held there. His presenting career started in Europe, hosting live events and functions, and now he is the anchor and presenter for the biggest poker tournaments in India.

Known for his upbeat disposition and positive energy, he loves to share it with others. It’s no Trouble.

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Brenden Johnson Brenden Johnson

I am a certified personal trainer! I am a huge fan of sports, dogs, and fitness. My dream is to have about 20 dogs and my own gym. Ice cream and donuts are life!!! I was a baseball player with a scholarship to pitch for Ohio State. I truly believe life is too short to do something you hate, so do what makes you happy. Happiness is the key to success!

Danielle Ruiz Danielle Ruiz

Danielle Ruiz is a native of Hollywood, California. She’s been modeling for 10 years and has appeared in multiple TV shows and films. One of Danielle’s favorite things to do is to travel the world and meet new people. When she’s not on the road, whether it be with the World Poker Tour or for another adventure, Danielle loves to take Pilates, hot yoga, and go hiking. A few of Danielle’s favorite words to live by are, “live life to the fullest, be kind, and good things will come.”

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Ivy Teves Ivy Teves

Ivy Teves was born in the Philippines and moved to the US when she was 15. She excelled in high school academics and athletics and later received her nursing degree. After a successful career in modeling she joined the World Poker Tour in Season 10. Ivy enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and going to the beach. She is a certified pop pilates instructor, as well as a personal stylist and fashion advisor whose client list continues to grow.

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Jeannie Duffy Jeannie Duffy

Jeannie was born and raised in Delaware before moving to Las Vegas, where she built a successful career as a model, appearing in commercials, magazines, tv shows, billboards, and runways. She is also a veteran, having served 6 years in the United States Air Force. Jeannie is now a proud mother and enjoys spending most of her time with her daughter. She also enjoys traveling, dancing, the beach, yoga, working out, football, food, and wine. Jeannie has a passion for learning and living a healthy and holistic lifestyle… “It’s all about balance.”

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Karim Tahi Karim Tahi

Karim Tahi was born and raised in Paris, France. He spent his teenage years in Morocco where he got his high school degree in economics at a French school. After graduation he returned to Paris where he studied university-level economics.

In 2009 Karim started working in the Paris nightclub industry where he quickly made a name for himself. He worked for the trendy Queen Nightclub Paris, located on the Famous Champs-Elysées Avenue, as a VIP Host and PR Manager. There he got the opportunity to improve his language skills, while meeting club patrons and DJs from all over the world.

Thanks to his passion for the game of poker since high school, he was naturally drawn to the World Poker Tour® and the WPT® Royal Flush Crew. Karim’s strong affection for traveling and meeting new people from all parts of the globe makes him a perfect fit for the team. Positive and always smiling, he’s got a personality that loves to discover new cultures and countries whenever he gets the chance. He strongly believes in doing what makes you happy, and that you’re the main creator of your own luck.

Karim’s a child of the sea, with a need of freedom and adventure. His goal would be to make a living with his travels and promoting holiday destinations to enjoy swimming and snorkeling while carrying on playing poker.

Personal motto: “There are no strangers, only friends I haven’t met yet.”

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Raysa Peres Raysa Peres

Raysa Peres is of Ukranian and Cuban descent and has been an active model, actress, and TV host for more than 10 years. Throughout her extensive modeling career, Raysa has performed work for more than 40 different editorials and countless international brands.

Among some of Raysa’s most notable work is an international TV and internet campaign for skincare and makeup company Shiseido, a global campaign for “No mas Vello” hair removal salons, and editorials for Cristian Dior, Instyle Magazine for Chanel, Mango, Escada, La Perla, MaxMara, and Prada. Raysa was also the international face for ALOHANATURA cosmetic brand.

Raysa’s modeling career has also propelled her into the film and TV industry with several co-star credits, including films made by Dovgenko film company and the Spanish film Chicas Paranoicas. One of Raysa’s latest on-camera achievements was a stint as a reporter on Mega TV’s Ceriani Show, based in Miami, Florida.

Raysa thoroughly enjoys the adventure and freedom of a career that has given her the great pleasure to travel the world and considers herself a wanderlust at heart. When Raysa is not working, she has fun biking and playing tennis. Raysa also enjoys playing the piano, of which she played professionally prior to modeling. Although there are the usual exercise and diet regimes that come with being a professional model, Raysa is not afraid to admit she has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate cake.

Raysa holds degrees in Business and Administration and International Economics, as well as a Masters in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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Tugba Ercan Tugba Ercan

Tugba Ercan is a Turkish-born American model, TV personality, and actress. Tugba recently relocated to LA from Miami to pursue more work on TV and acting fronts, and has a passion for health and fitness. In fact, Tugba has a degree in Exercise Science, and continues to have one foot in her field as an Exercise Physiologist.

Tugba strongly believes in doing what makes you happy, and that everything happens for a reason.

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Tyler Campbell Tyler Campbell

Tyler joined the military early in her professional career. Structure and discipline were two of the core components learned while Tyler was in the Army. As Tyler approached the end of her contract, she decided to pursue her dreams as a model which led her to the WPT Royal Flush Crew.

When not reporting for duty at her Army Unit or traveling around for her modeling career you can find Tyler fishing, binge-watching her favorite Netflix series, or spending some quality time with family and my little fur baby, Butterball.

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