Sponsorship Guidelines

Player Sponsorship Rules

WPT Enterprises, Inc. (“WPTE”) reserves the right to refuse entry of any player to the tournament, Final Table or any Featured Table who does not comply with all of the following sponsorship rules:

Sponsorship Rules for Players:

  1. Players are allowed to wear up to two (2) pre-approved sponsorship logos at a Final Table. However, only one (1) logo may be for a gaming company. If a player would like to wear two (2) pre-approved, non-gaming sponsorship logos, such logos may not be for the same company or affiliated companies (for example, a player may not wear one logo for Coke and one logo for Sprite).
  2. Each logo may be no larger than eight (8) square inches (e.g., 2”x4”, 4”x2”, 1”x8”, 8”x1”).
  3. Players may wear logos on their left and/or right breast pocket, on their shirt sleeves, and/or on hats or caps. No other sponsorship logos will be allowed anywhere on a player.
  4. Only Pre-Approved Logos will be allowed on a player. If your sponsor is a non-gaming company and has not been Pre- Approved in the current season, your sponsor may apply for consideration for its logo to be deemed “Pre-Approved” via the WPTE Sponsor Application and Non-Gaming Affidavit found on the website WPT.com. If your sponsor is a gaming company and has not been Pre-Approved in the current season, your sponsor may apply for consideration for its logo to be deemed “Pre-Approved” via the following affidavits found on WPT.com: for U.S. individual state licensed gaming companies, the WPTE Sponsor Application and U.S. State-Licensed Gaming Affidavit; and for European-licensed gaming sponsors (e.g., .fr/.it./es sponsors), the WPTE Sponsor Application and European-Licensed Gaming Affidavit. Due to regulatory differences between countries, logos/sponsors that have been Pre-Approved in the U.S. may not necessarily be Pre-Approved in Europe, for example, and vice versa. All applications must include full details of the sponsor logos that are intended to be worn by a player – this should include a full color representation of the logo reproduced in actual size. All gaming sponsor applications must include a copy of all gaming licenses held (and subsequently obtained during the season) by the sponsor. All European gaming sponsor applications must include: (i) the sponsor’s registered company details; (ii) written confirmation that the sponsor is licensed and operates from one of the territories included within the UK Gambling Act 2005 “white list” or an EEA State (including, but not limited to, Gibraltar); and (iii) written confirmation that with effect from the commencement date of the UK Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 the sponsor will hold an operating license issued by the British Gambling Commission.
  5. No more than two (2) players at a World Poker Tour Final Table may wear logos from any single entity. Such entity includes multiple brands controlled by the same company or individual(s). While these sponsored players may wear the same logo, the Sponsor must provide an alternative clothing option that distinguishes each player, while maintaining Rules 2 and 3 above (e.g., Player 1 wears a black polo w/ logo and Player 2 wears a dress shirt w/ logo). If more than two (2) players sponsored by any entity make it to a World Poker Tour Final Table, the sponsored players may decide among themselves as to who will wear sponsorship logos for such If the players are unable to agree on which player(s) will remove or cover their logos for the common entity, WPTE will high card to decide which players get to wear the logo. At this time, players must make an immediate substitution for another pre-approved sponsor or forfeit their opportunity for sponsorship.
  6. Non-Gaming sponsors with logos referring to online “play for fun” gaming entities cannot display “.com” in the logo, and must replace the online reference to “.net” or other extension which such URL address does not contain “pay for play” gambling. European-Gaming sponsors with logos referring to online gaming entities in licensed jurisdictions, such as France, Italy or Spain, cannot display “.com” in the logo, but must replace the online reference to “.fr,” “.it” or “.es.” For both Non- Gaming “play for fun” sponsors and European-Gaming sponsors described herein, the placement of the URL extension (e.g., “.net” and “.fr,” “.it” and “.es,” respectively), must remain part of the logo and must be in the same font size and of similar visibility to the rest of the logo, but cannot make the logo size any larger than eight (8) square inches. For example, a “GenericPoker.net” or “GenericPoker.it” logo must set forth the “.net” or “.it” portion of the logo with at least the same size and visibility as the “GenericPoker” portion of the U.S. individual state licensed Gaming sponsors with logos referring to online gaming entities in licensed jurisdictions, such as New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware, may be allowed without a URL extension (e.g., “GenericPoker”).
  7. No logos representing illegal activity of any kind, pornography, firearms, tobacco, personal hygiene, sexual aids, or hard liquor will be allowed. No logos representing any colleges or universities, competing broadcast networks, or companies competitive with WPTE (unless WPTE provides prior consent in writing) will be allowed. In addition, no logos that are competitive with any branding in the tournament area or on the Final Table set will be Finally, no logos that include any element of intellectual property without the owner’s consent to such use or that may give rise to any claim of infringement, misappropriation, or other form of unfair competition will be allowed. WPTE, the broadcaster, and the hosting member casino reserve the right to restrict logo wear for any reason whatsoever at their sole discretion.

All rules, criteria, and qualifications announced herein are subject to change at the sole discretion of WPT Enterprises, Inc. (WPTE) and the broadcaster and nothing in this announcement is intended to constitute a guarantee, warranty, or contract of any kind. WPTE may at any time, without notice, end or suspend the tournament or any of its rules without any obligation whatsoever.