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Lynn Gilmartin

The Irish-born Aussie has globetrotted constantly since 2009 while immersing herself in the poker world as a hobby player, reporter at, and past host of the Aussie Millions and WSOP Asia-Pacific on ESPN Australia. Lynn has traveled through more than 30 countries, over 100 cities within them, and has plenty more to add to that impressive passport-stamp collection as the anchor of the World Poker Tour and WPT Alpha8.

Her years of interviewing the world’s greatest poker players has paid off at the tables for Lynn, winning the EPT Barcelona Womens Event in 2015 — defeating the largest Womens Event field in EPT history.

Lynn is a certified holistic health coach and continues to learn about nutrition and wellbeing. She regularly shares tips on how poker players can live their healthiest lives to help promote their best game, which you can find on her blog, along with her travel adventures, at

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